Belief Journey is offering two free webinars:
*The Gospel In Your HandMay 12th “want to share the gospel but don’t know what to say? …using the acronym GOSPEL will show you what you need to remember when you have that conversation.”
*Hello My Name Is SkepticMay 19th – “Are you prepared to give a defense of the gospel?  Engage Mr. Skeptic in a mock dialog and see how you fare.”



Who are the Canaanites?

The Canaanites are mentioned in our study this week (Genesis 12:5-6 ). What else can we find out about  Canaan & the Canaanite in Scripture?   If you have a concordance look up  Canaan or the Canaanites and list the other places you find them in Scripture.  If you don’t have a concordance click on the links  Genesis 12 blue letter bible then click on the tool bars and list what you learn about Canaan and Canaanite.  Remember to list book, chapter and verse next to the information you find.

Saturday Bible Study at Grace Lutheran

Basic Inductive Bible Study Skills Review is scheduled for Saturday February 6th at Grace Lutheran Mastic Beach at 9:30 a.m.   We finished our 2015 studies with Lord Teach Me To Study The Bible in 28 Days.   We took the month of January off and decided that it would be a good idea to do a review of Inductive Study Skills before we jump into Genesis Part 3.

Belief Journey is offering a free online event How To Study The Bible  Feb 13th 12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m.  I encourage you to register for this great opportunity to learn  from experienced Precept Leaders.   Spaces are limited so register soon


Journal & Doodle Advent Study is now available!!!  Kari Denker of Stone Soup For Five  has created Promises, a study of  Old Testament Prophecies and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

“… because this is a Christmas study it includes:

  • A quick, but meaningful study for each day leading up to Christmas
  • A coloring page depicting the day’s study
  • Ideas to create your own Christmas Advent journal…”

Read more at  Stone Soup For Five

Resource Links

Next week we begin Lord Teach Me How to Study The Bible In 28 Days.  Here are links to some of the resources we discussed this morning

What Is Inductive Study?:

The Inductive Bible Study Method:

How To Use Blue Letter Bible

How To Use the LexiConc (Blue Letter Bible)

A great resource for memorizing scripture:

We’ll resume our study of Genesis in 2016 for those who want to review or catch up on Genesis Part One or Part Two – check out Precept Camden’s Audio Lessons

Here’s the link to Stone Soup For Five (Free to those who subscribe to the mailing list) Ephesians Journal & Doodle Study we just competed.   This was such a fun and informative study I’m hoping to do another one as a group next year.

Your Assignment for Next Week…if you so choose

Question(s) came up today that were not part of the study and we did not get the opportunity to search for the answers.

  1. What does the bible say about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?  Read the following text, do word studies and then check for cross refs:  (v28…read in context)
  2. What does the bible say about the unpardonable sin? Read the following text, do word studies and then check for cross refs: ( in context)