Fatal Distraction-Week 2- Anger

How Angry

A stressful day at work, a mean comment, local and world events are just some of the things that could cause us to become angry.   What are we to do with our anger?   The bible tells us to be angry and sin not.  So it is possible to be angry and not sin.   This week our bible study of Fatal Distractions we’ll be discussing anger.  What does the bible have to say about anger?  Does the bible offer any counsel on how we’re to deal with our anger.


One thought on “Fatal Distraction-Week 2- Anger

  1. Here’s a good article to read. How to REALLY Help Someone Change. http://www.biblestudytools.com/blogs/stephen-altrogge/how-to-really-help-someone-change.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fbpage&utm_campaign=bstupdate The subject of the article is How to Really Help Others. As I read this article I realized that I am the one who will be helped if I follow the advice of the author. I do have people in my life who I have become weary of helping and almost hopeless concerning them. This often leaves me feeling frustrated and angry. The author gives us instruction based on scripture on how we are to help others. If in helping them I become less angry or better yet not angry at all then not only am I being a blessing to them but I myself will be greatly blessed.


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