wertheim walking with john oct 2014 bridge reflected in the water

Autumn is my favorite season.  The air was crisp and cool as we woke yesterday.    We grabbed a cuppa coffee and then put on sweaters and headed out to walk the Wertheim Nature Trails.  The  10 minute walk to Wertheim was filled with noise and busy traffic.  Once we got to Wertheim we were met with a peaceful quiet.  The trees were still so vividly colorful although many leaves have already fallen to the ground.  We walked the long trail which is about 2 miles, we talked along the way but mostly enjoyed being quiet with each other as we took in the nature surrounding us and enjoyed every step.   I love the warm comforting scents of Autumn such as cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin pie spice, soup warming on the stove and fireplaces.  I love curling up on the sofa  reading a good book as the winds tap my windows.


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