40 Minute No Homework Study

What does the text say?   What does the text mean?  How does the truth of what we read apply to our thoughts and deeds? Observation, Interpretation and Application are the three components of inductive bible study study.  Examining the Word of God for yourself is so rewarding.  Marking key words, making list, word studies and  asking the 5 W & H questions causes me to slow down as I read.  It causes me to think about what I read.  I’m amazed by how much I missed when I read without using the inductive study tools.   I confess that when our group decided to do the 40 Minute No Homework studies I was a bit disappointed.  I really didn’t enjoy topical studies I much rather do a PUP study on a particular book in the bible.   I’m finding that doing the 40 Minute No Homework studies is not only helping us hone our skills but we are getting a nice overview about what the bible says about certain topics.  One of the perks of the 40 Minute Study is giving us an appreciation for Cross-Refs. Prior to the 40 Minute Studies some in the group viewed cross-refs as an arduous chore.  Use this link to read a chapter of our current study Fatal Distractions: Conquering Destructive Temptations.


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