Fatal Distraction – week 4 Gluttony

Thanksgiving is over and looking forward to our next discussion of Fatal Distractions.  Week 4 is on Gluttony…interesting timing.

Gluttony, Gluttonous:

Strongs 2151 Zalal to be worthless, vile, insignificant, squander, to be lavish with, to make light of,  to shake, tremble, quake (Proverbs 23:19, 21 ; 28:7)

Websters Online Dictionary: One given habitually to greedy and voracious eating and drinking


Strongs 1945 -Howy – ah, alas, ho, ho there, woe (Isaiah 5: 11, 22)

Websters Online Dictionary:  a condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction or grief, ruinous trouble, calamity, affliction

Off Topic Discussions:

January 2015 Schedule:

Jan 3rd –No meeting

Jan 10th – Study Resumes —

Jan 17th – ????????

Jan 24th- No meeting….One Day Retreat (see below)

Jan 31st- Study

Next Study–Living Like You  Belong To Jesus (40 Minute Study) 6 week study or Genesis Part 2 (PUP Study) 7 week study that we’ll break up into a 14 week study.

One Day Retreat:   Jan 24th  The check ($40.00)  should be made payable to LWML Suffolk Zone  The retreat is going to be held at Montfort Spiritual Center 26 S Saxon Avenue, Bay Shore, NY 11706. This includes a continental breakfast and hot lunch.



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