Preparing for Genesis Part 11 (The Fall, The Flood and The Nations)

I am so looking forward to begin our bible study of Genesis Part II (The Fall, The Flood and The Nations).  If you have some time this week read wide from Genesis chaps 3-11 and then record what your learned from reading widely: what you would say is the theme for each chapter?  Who are the characters and what are the events that take place in the chapters.  Please also take time to keep our study in your prayers. 

Resource link(s):   Logos Journey  –  Podcast the Genesis Journey (Genesis Part 1 and will soon include Genesis Part 2)  and Logos Journey Facebook pg.

I encourage you to check Logos Journey it will be a great resource for us as we study Genesis Part 2.  Check out the Study Resources and Helps pg.

Intro to Inductive Study Part 1

Inductive-use observational skills to interpret scripture


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