Love is refreshing

I am someone who doesn’t usually go by “feelings”.  When I attend a bible study or church service I am usually so attentive to the Word that I’m not much aware of the atmosphere (unless it’s a particularly  bad or scary atmosphere).  Yesterday I attended a Women’s Study and was so impressed with the warmth and love that flowed from the women.  From the time we entered the building I felt refreshed and free.  I didn’t realize how other buildings had me feeling closed and claustrophobic until I entered this one that felt so open, light and airy.  The Leader and the women who attended the study were so genuine and warm.  It’s the first time in a long time that I really enjoyed sweet fellowship with other believers.   There’s something about this place and these women…that something is the Love of Jesus flowing through them.   The love comes across as honest and easily accessible.  I want to continue attending the studies to be filled and fed the word of God and I also want to know these women whose life has been so changed by our Lord and Savior that they are a reflection of His Love.  Didn’t realize how thirsty I was not only for His Word but to see genuine love in action.  I’m taking a deep drink of the cup of love that has been offered.


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