Discussion Notes …Lesson 3

Great discussion on Cain and Abel this week.  Once again I realize that the words we discussed & yes some of the very words coming out of my mouth applied to me today.  Some of the things we noticed about Cain was his attitude and that he did not give God his best.  When discussing Cain I could easily distance myself and keep my focus on him.  But when I returned home I began to have questions such as:  Do I give God my best?   When I don’t give God my best am I angry with God for not receiving it?  Do I become angry with others who are giving God their best?  Do things I offer to God bring Him glory?

I got a little busy this week & did not prepare this lesson well and it showed.  Obviously I did not give God my best.  I did not become angry with God or others who prepared well.  But I admit I was tempted to blame my circumstances rather than accept responsibility for my own lack of preparation.  So I am going to heed the warning that God gave to Cain and do well.  What is doing well?  For me at this time doing well means that I will spend some time with the Lord confessing, repenting and listening.  I want to follow His instructions and bring glory to His name.

Next week we’ll discuss days 4 and 5 of Lesson 3.


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