Genesis Part 2- April Notes


4/11 –  assignment – Lesson 4 days 1-3.

4/18 – Book Discussion chaps 9-20

4/25- Women’s Life Day

May 2- Lesson 4 Days 4 and 5

We’re almost 1/2 way through Genesis Part 2 and we agreed to do a 40 Minute NO HOMEWORK study for the Summer.

The choices I have on hand are:

*Being A Disciple-Counting The Cost

*Living the Life of True Worship

*Having a Real Relationship With God

*Living Like You Belong to God

After today’s discussion was over one of the women had a question concerning angels…do they Judge?  I believe this question arose from one of the cross-ref we looked at today…Jude 16-14.  If you have some time this week look at those verses and we’ll discuss it next week.  Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday


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