Genesis Part 2 wk 4 -Days 1-3

Word Study

ordinance and taught from 119:103

102 I have not turned aside from Your ordinances, For You Yourself  have taught me.

yin’terw{h h’T;a -yiK yiT.r’s -a{l ‘$y,j’P.viMim  (biblestudy tools interlinear bible

Ordinance:-Mishpat Strongs #4941

a) Judgement

1) Act of deciding a case

2)Place, Court, Seat of Judgement

3)Process, Procedure, Litigation (Before Judges)

Read More:

taught-Yarah -Strongs #3384 …to point out, show, to direct, teach, instruct

read more:

Genesis 6

Nephilim -Naphiyl Strongs #5303 -giants, Nephilim

Sons (of God)- Ben- Strongs 1121 – ….7)  sons (as in characterisation  ,i.e. sons of injustice{for un-righteous men} or Sons of God For Angels)  see more:  (genesis 6:2, job 1:6. job 2:1)

After you’ve finished Lesson four in your workbook…here’s  are links  with more information on NEPHILIM  and


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