The Flood

During my study time today I decided to make a timeline of the flood so I can visualize how long it lasted.  After I made my timeline I did a search on Answers in Genesis for timelines.  Here’s what I found Biblical Overview of the Flood and  Timeline for the Flood (from Creation to when the Flood began).   If you have some time this week try making a timeline of the Flood then check out the timelines from Answers In Genesis.

How much time did it take for Noah to build the Ark? Here is an article from Answers In Genesis:  How Long did it take Noah to build the Ark?  I believe when we first spoke about this we thought perhaps 100 yrs. but looking at this article it may be not be quite 100 yrs.  If you have time re-examine the scriptures and read the article …we’ll discuss when we meet again.  We also saw that it was a worldwide flood when we looked at scripture…here is some further information on it being a worldwide flood from Answers In Genesis: Worldwide Flood-Evidence  and here’s another article Noah The Evangelist.  Answers In Genesis is an awesome sight with such rich information…I suggest that you bookmark Answers In Genesis and as we go through Genesis it will be a valuable resource for us AFTER we examine the text for ourselves 🙂   One of the other questions that came up during our discussion concerned Genesis 8:21 …The Lord said to Himself…  Check out this link on various translations and bring in anything you find in your commentaries and we’ll discuss it at our next meeting.  Also look at Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 11:7

This is an article from Institute of Creation Research: Did Noah’s Flood Cover the Whole Earth.

Was there rain before the flood? Check out this article in Answers In Genesis 

biblestudytools is a great resource – one of the women in the group asked if Noah was mentioned in places other than Genesis & how could she find them.  One way to find cross-refs is to use biblestudytools …searched for Noah & here’s a link with the scriptures concerning Noah

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