May I say that I love God’s timing?   This week I’ve been involved in several discussions on commentaries.  Various people had various views…some depend on them greatly others were told they were not to use them at all.  Commentaries can be a great resource tool AFTER we observe the text of scripture for ourselves.  We are studying Genesis Part 2 Lesson 6 and on Day 5 we’re told to use our commentaries on Genesis 9.   I don’t often use commentaries but we had some questions that we may have gotten the gist as we observed the text but I found the commentary (The Moody Bible Commentary)  very helpful in understanding the text more fully.  So after you complete the questions for day 5 take a look at your commentaries.  If you do not have a hard copy commentary here are links where you can find commentaries online:

biblestudytools (commentaries)

biblestudytools (Genesis 9/Commentaries)

blueletterbible (text commentaries)

blueletterbible (audio/video commentaries)

blueletterbible (Genesis 9/commentaries) (commentaries)


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