Book Discussion Selections – 2015

Our new book discussion group will  meet the third Saturday of each month beginning January 17th (9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.)    We chose This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti as our first selection.    Further details will be provided as an insert in the bulletin and then here on the blog in a few weeks.   The book is available on Amazon both as a hard copy and  also on kindle.  I’ll let you know  if we place a link on the church website.  Also check your local library and see if they have a copy available.

this present darkness

Grab a cuppa coffee, tea or hot cocoa and sit in your comfy chair and begin reading and getting to know the town and people of Ashton.   Find out about the darkness that came to this town and those who came to help the people fight against the darkness.   We’ll discuss chapters 1 – 4 when we meet on Saturday Jan. 17th.

We had a great beginning in our book discussion group in January.   We discussed chapters 1 and 2.  We also listened to an audio version of the book read by Frank Peretti.  It was really interesting to hear what we all thought about angels and demons and prayer.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Feb 21st and we’ll discuss chapters 4- 8.

We spoke about Prayer, Complacency and Discernment in our discussion of Chaps. 4-8.   The conversation included comments and questions about is there an hierarchy of demons?   People shared experiences where they walked into a place and knew something is not right and they prayed rather than ignore what they sensed about a place.  Our next meeting is scheduled for March 21st and we’ll discuss chapters 9-13.

Our Discussion of chapters 9-13  covered pagans, new age, possession, influence of media, how Christians are portrayed by the media, college grades and accountability. At what point should we remove ourselves from things of the world?  We discussed if the church in the west are becoming more superstitious than faithful? We meet again on April 18th and we’ll discuss chapters 14-20.  Pastor gave us a sneak-peak of chapter 14.  He also shared a book called The Handbook of  Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Ed Murphy.

April 18- Book Discussion- We got a bit off track today but it was an interesting discussion.  We heard of an incident here on the Island that happened years ago….truly evil and yet no one was convicted.  As many as a half a dozen youth knew about it & yet no one spoke out.  We also spoke about cults and demon possession in other nations.  We discussed how we in the states do not take evil very seriously.  Our next meeting is May 16th.

We discussed chaps 21-34 ..we explored the similarities of the town of Ashton and our own community.  Are we vulnerable to such conspiracies and demonic influence?  What should our response be to evil within the community?  Our next meeting is scheduled for June 20th and we’ll discuss chaps 35 through the end of the book.

Our discussion on the final chapters of This Present Darkness took an interesting direction. A very lively and informative discussion on education, medication and choices we make on a daily basis. Leaving with the question are we as Christians living content lives that Paul speaks of in Philippians 4.

Looking to resume book discussion group in October/November…Have a great summer!  I have a BOOK DISCUSSION WISH LIST ON AMAZON 

My Summer 2015 reads have arrived!


Sept. 2015- I’m currently reading Own Your Life  by Sally Clarkson.  A few weeks ago I joined periscope and one of the people I follow on periscope (Mackenzie -Cultivating The Lovely) began a book discussion group on periscope.  So I checked the book out of the Library so I could follow along and see how a book discussion works on periscope.  As I read this book I feel as if the Lord and the Holy Spirit are ministering to me and using this book to reveal some of my thoughts, attitudes, actions and also hurts and wounds.  I often find myself praying and  God as I read each chapter.

Just got Honey For A Woman’s Heart by Gladys Hunt from the library I found out about this book from Kari -Stone Soup For Five  periscope.

I’m still reading the Paris Wife by Paula McLain.   I am falling in love with Paris, Hadley and Hemmingway.  I think maybe I’m taking so long to read this book is because I don’t want to leave them.


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