Fervent Fridays –

for Maria :***Prayer -May 24th…Exodus 17 (they held up Moses’ hands)

Trompe Loeil Bay Windows –
Precepts for Life – Jeremiah
scriptures on Prayer

2 Samuel 7:27

Prayer: Tiphilah- Strongs 8605 – pray, prayer, house of prayer, hear prayer…Word Origin 6419 –

Prayer:  Palal Strongs 6419 – To Intervene, Interpose, Pray….to meditate, judge, to intercede, pray

Genesis 20:7, 17; 48:11

3/1/16…scriptures that come to mind during prayer time
do not despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10)

Stone Soup for Five -Prayer Binder

How To Make a Scripture Box

Prayer Stations –

Prayer Stations (women’s ministry toolbox)

Prayer Room (Women’s Ministry Toolbox)

Prayer Group (Women’s Ministry Toolbox)

Precepts for Life – Daniel’s Prayer

How to Make Your Own Prayer Journal

My Prayer Life is a Mess

13 Ways to Grow Closer to Christ Go20Closer%20to%20Christ&utm_campaign=20160506_m131342354_Arabah%20Joy%20%3A%3A%20A%20Showcase%20for%20His%20Glory&utm_term=13%20Ways%20to%20Grow%20Closer%20to%20Christd 


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