What is Inductive Study?

Inductive Study:

Bible is primary resource

3 Components of Inductive Study:

Observation -What Does The Text Say?*

*Ask the 5 W’s & H questions: (who, what, when, where, why,& how)

*Make List

*Word Studies

*Contrast and Comparisons

Interpretation-What Does The Text Mean?

*Context is King (It rules !!!)

*Scripture Interprets Scripture


Application – Are My Thoughts, Words and Actions lining up with the truth of God’s Word?

What is Inductive Study? (Precept PDF) http://precept.org/data/sites/1/PDFs/PMI_IBStudyOverview_v2.pdf

How We Interpret The Bible (Answers In Genesis) https://answersingenesis.org/hermeneutics/how-we-interpret-the-bible-principles-for-understanding/


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